The first hybrid trading platform for forex, equity and crypto trading.

Traders.One provides users access to trade classic financial assets and crypto at a single universal platform.

Traders.One file sharing

Successfull broker

Traders.One has a Join Venture with a Trade Path, is a leading broker in China. The Traders.One platform offers more than 6000 stocks listed on NASDAQ/NYSE/AMEX and is used by more than 30k traders across the globe.


ISLB Dark pool

We match sellers with institutional buyers for enormous crypto to fiat trades. Decentralized dark pools can't take fiat or complete KYC. Through our banking partners in the US, the EU, and in Hong Kong, we do KYC and enable fiat to crypto.


Revenue / Roi

We can generate income from next: Exchange Fee Structure Market Making Based Model Subscription Based Model Credit Sleeve Payment Service Provider White Label Based Model New Products Based Model A-I Marketplace Data.

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Traders.One group chat and meetings

The main Traders.One functionality divided by several sections


Traders.One user-friendly interface allows trader to customize each single panel settings as well as the whole workspace entirely.

Trading Tools.

Traders.One has powerful trading tools to help traders quickly synthesize data and information, cut through the clutter, and turn ideas into trades more efficiently.

Risk Management System.

All our risk management tools are designed to be easy to apply. Properly utilized, they can help safeguard you against the risks of trading.

Traders.One Meetings: group video chat
Traders.One Meetings: screen sharing and remote desktop control
Traders.One Actions and Decisions

The platform is intended to be accessible from the Desktop, the web browser and Android app


Traders.One trading platform allows you to buy and sell assets on financial or stock markets 24 hours/day.


Traders.One web version boasts an unparalleled feature-set within an intuitive and deeply customizable user interface.


Traders.One mobile application will help to trade with your smartphone. It’s perfect for beginners and professional investors.
Traders.One Platform Traders.One Platform Traders.One Platform Traders.One Platform Traders.One Platform
Traders.One Platform Traders.One Platform Traders.One Platform Traders.One Platform Traders.One Platform
Traders.One notifications and focus

Traders.One Admin Panel for managing accounts.

Traders.One Platform
Traders.One notifications and focus

Blotter Traders.One is a detailed statistics of the trader's trading operations

Traders.One Platform

Liberate yourself from your desk

Don't let your work tie you down. Work how and where you want with Traders.One apps on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Web.

Traders.One apps on every device
Identity Manager

Early access now available

Traders.One High Security

Traders.One provides users high security of transactions and confidentiality

Traders.One proposes using many of the security features and stringent protocols that have proven successful for IntenseLab IT centers around the world.